Senior Project Manager (3483: ingevuld)

For a longterm assignment at Worldline ( in Hoofddorp we are looking for a Senior Project Manager with experience in electronic payments or the E-Commerce industry.

Starting date:         15-2-2021

Duration:                31-3-2025

Hours weekly:       40

Location:                Hoofddorp

You have knowledge of the best practices for project management and you are able to anticipate and independently manage risks, results and problems associated with your project(s). You identify, propose alternatives, different approaches and mitigations. At the same time, you direct and advise project team in their daily work and report the status to management. You communicate and negotiate with internal & external clients on various aspects of projects, including requirements, scope, planning, cost and risks. You are a capable manager, working efficiently and autonomously, recognized as such by all stakeholders.

As Senior Project Manager you will be responsible for running complex and cross-country projects impacting several Business Units and different project methodologies. You will align with other strategic programs or projects.

You will be responsible within the 3 pillars of the organization:

  1. Product readiness: by ensuring that the technical/IT delivery is compliant with requirements 
  2. Operational readiness: by ensuring the processes, customer service teams, etc. can support the new solution serving as best our clients’ needs 
  3. Commercial readiness: by ensuring that commercial impacts are managed, aligned with the project/product strategy 

You will have to make trade off decisions between quality, costs, resources, scope, timing and risks keeping in mind the strategic view of Worldline.

You should solve project issues, oversee and direct the delivery teams, manage conflicts within the different groups of stakeholders or other programs/project.

The Senior Project Manager should be able to combine both Waterfall and Agile methodology seamlessly during project delivery.

Candidate requirements

  • At least 5 years in large projects (>1Mln € or more than 2000 M.D.) in both Waterfall and Agile 
  • You can drive creative solutions with cross-functional partners, especially in an agile engineering and product environment 
  • Solid track record of leading and proactively managing end-to-end execution of projects that have transformed their company and delivered quantifiable impact 
  • Customer oriented with respect to internal/external clients and suppliers. Competent in managing relationships with 3rd parties and clients; 
  • Business mind-set, deliver business value during the full length of the project; 
  • Leadership skills, a born negotiator; 
  • Proven experience with the conception and execution of project plans with Agile delivery teams; 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including presentations, team meetings, contact with all staff and clients as well as members of the management team; 
  • Work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment demonstrating teamwork, innovation and excellence 
  • Practical experience and knowledge of project management required in: 
    • Business case management; 
    • Planning and control; 
    • Financials tracking; 
    • Project closure and handover; 
    • Risk management; 
    • Creating and leading a project/program team; 
    • Change Management; 
    • Migrations 
  • Fluency in English, French/Dutch/German is a plus 
  • Knowledge of electronic payments or E-Commerce industry are a strong plus 
    Resume Requirements 
  • Resume in Word or PDF-format, completely English. Resume (with motivation) should be no longer than 7 pages. 
  • Minimum of 2 references (name referent, organisation, phone number). 
  • Proficiency in English and/or language asked in request/knock out criteria, both spoken and written. 
  • When certain knowledge and/or experience is requested in the selection criteria, this should become clear from the resume, making it possible to evaluate whether the criteria are met or not. Just a listing of, for example, knowledge on systems does not suffice. The degree of experience should be clearly stated. 
  • The work experience in the resume should be specified with month and year, for example: Aug 2002 – Dec 2009. 
  • Any education and training should be specified with the year in which it has been taken, also stating whether the diploma/certificate has been awarded or not. 

In case you do not meet the resume requirements mentioned above, your resume can and will not be processed.

If this vacancy and required experience fits your profile and availability, we would like to receive your profile (in above mentioned format) as soon as possible, including a motivation. Please mention your availability, desired salary or hourly rate to