Product Owner (3538: ingevuld)

We are looking for a Product Owner with a Customer journey expert skills in the area of retail investment offerings for Box 3 and Box 1 fiscal regimes.

Start:             1 september 2022  
Effort:            36 hours
Duration:       Until 31-12-2022 (with option to extend)
Location:       Region South Holland
Tarif:              Marktconform   

This product owner will drive a development team but also help with running our operations and taking care of some business only related topics like pricing, portfolio management implementation and operational issues.

Focus on product/proposition, not the team.
Bridge between business and IT (business analyst), translating customer insights and regulatory requirements into IT features.

We focus on outcomes, not outputs. This means promoting the use of story pointing, spikes, POCs and the collaboration of multiple expertise’s (with different perspectives, such as the product marketeers).


  • Maximizing value for the product/proposition. This value is a result of the work of the team(s) and is measured and determined based on data.
  • Managing the backlog, ordering it to best achieve our goals (must do projects, OKRs*, and health metrics) & ensuring it is visible, transparent, and clear to all, and shows what the team will work on next.
  • Managing the stakeholders of the team, informing & including them in decision making & priority setting.
  • Optimizing customer journeys to ensure an optimal client experience. This is done end-to-end.
  • Monitor the results and performances of the customer journeys and products in your focus area.


  • The product owner is an integral part of the team and takes the lead in many areas of product development
  • The product owner is part of the team of PO’s in the value stream, responsible for translating the team backlog to the portfolio wall
  • The product owner manages the backlog, involving stakeholders & team(s). The product owner makes sure that the team understands what value needs to be delivered & what problem needs to be solved for whom.
  • The product owner aligns with stakeholders & clients about their needs & wishes regarding the product.
  • Takes the lead in validating that our product increments deliver the expected value and in organizing (sprint) reviews with the team and/or value stream.
  • Is responsible together with the lead P.O’s and CJE for running our business
  • Monitoring and realization of the health metrics, OKRs* and regulatory tracks for your focus area

When you are interested in this role and it suits your working experience please send us your resume and a short motivation. You can mail this to